What happened
in 2022

The first edition of Pixel featured over 40 professionals, divided into 12 teams, from UX Design and Product Owner/Business Analysis practices, enrolled in a 24-hour challenge for finding reliable and innovative solutions addressing two important Sustainable Development Goals formulated by the United Nations: responsible consumption, and affordable and clean energy. Pixel was endorsed this year by four official partners: Mastercard, Raiffeisen Bank, NEPI Rockcastle, and Profi. Each partner brought to the table a challenge that affects society and the communities they serve.

The winning team was one of the teams that received the Mastercard challenge. They designed Leafy, a modern app that offers multiple tips for decreasing the personal footprint and allows users to have their own scores and compete with friends in an extended community.

First Place
Second Place
Third Place

Sometimes words are not enough, so what better way to describe our past event than with photos?


But what do the participants think about the event?

The Pixel experience was super cool! We gave our souls for this application and we couldn’t be happier that we won. Our team was amazing and organic. We understood each other from the start, and we practically complemented each other. Also, the theme that we got was very cool, and we managed to find the solution for it super fast.

Cosmin Tomescu

UI Designer


It was very smooth. We didn’t even feel these two days passing by, being here, together with everyone. It was an incredible effort from everyone. We’ve put all our creativity into this app, with no limitations whatsoever. We thought about everything, but in essence, how to make people much more attracted by this app, to make it more user-friendly and I think we succeeded. We had reliable people on our team, which helped a lot.

Alexandra Lepadatu

Senior Business Analyst


The Pixel experience was very nice, surprising even. I haven’t been to a Hackathon in years, and now I’m glad that I finally came and really enjoyed it. I liked the interaction with the mentors and the entire Tremend team. I liked staying late and the fact that we managed to finish everything. And one thing that surprised me is the fact that, in the beginning, it seemed like a lot of deliverables, but in fact, by the end, they turned into a very beautiful whole. So kudos for that!

Andrei Dumitriu

Computer Vision Research Engineer

The Julius Maximilians University of Würzburg

It was a great experience! I haven’t participated in an event like this in many years, since I was a student. What I liked the most was the fact that it gathered so many people who had, I would say, a common background, and something extraordinary came out of us working together. In 24 hours of work, I did what I would have done alone in one week.

Filip Giorgi

Business Analyst

World Health Organization

It was a very nice experience, we worked together for a very long time, which bonded us a lot as a team. And, even though we initially had set a deadline, we ended up not respecting it, so we panicked a little, but we continued and worked very hard. This led to a very pleasant result, we came in 3rd place so it was a very good experience altogether.

Cosmin Cajvanean

Business Analyst