Meet the First Product-Oriented
Open Hackathon

Pixel is a tremendous opportunity for you to put your skills to work and build a better, smarter, more sustainable future.

Powered by Tremend, a Publicis Sapient company, Pixel Hackathon’s goal is to stimulate a fresh perspective on today’s critical global challenges and explore ideas such as sustainable consumption, environmental impact, responsible production, good health, and well-being.

We aim to promote stronger collaboration between Business Analysis and User Experience teams, by enabling them to create miniature incubators to formulate product visions and prototypes that have the potential to solve some of the world’s biggest problems and dilemmas.

8-9 October

Corporate Social

Tremend HQ
(Timpuri Noi Square)

64 Product Experts
working in teams

Product Manager,
Product Owner

until October 2, 2022


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Embark on an amazing journey toward finding innovative, feasible, and scalable solutions for building a better, more prosperous future.

Inspired by the 17 Sustainable Development Goals formulated by the United Nations, we’ve selected, together with our reputable partners, 2 important global issues our society is facing today. During the hackathon, you’ll work hand in hand with your team to tackle one of these challenges, shaping groundbreaking products and demonstrating how your aspirational and actionable strategy and vision will change the world for the better.

Theme 1

Affordable and Clean Energy


This is a key goal of the United Nations which aims to ensure poverty eradication and constant water supply for people worldwide, while also mitigating climate change.

Theme 2

Responsible Consumption & Production


This goal is about doing better and achieving more with fewer resources. According to the UN, it is also about “decoupling economic growth from environmental degradation, increasing resource efficiency and promoting sustainable lifestyles.”



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€ 800

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Welcome & Breakfast


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 Lunch Break


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Keynote Speaker Moment




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Welcome Back & Breakfast


Team Presentations: The Solutions That Will Trigger the Change


Jury Deliberation & Keynote Speaker Moment


Awards Ceremony


The jury of this year’s edition of the Pixel Hackathon comprises a mix of technology professionals and customer-centric people from Tremend and our partners.

Mihaela Ciupală

Business Development Director


Raul Stadler

Chief Digital Transformation Officer

Raiffeisen Bank Romania

Dan Dorneanu

Vice President of Process

Tremend Software Consulting

Madalina Burci

Omni-Channel Leader

NEPI Rockcastle

Gabriela Sirbu

Digital Marketing Director

Profi Rom Food


During the event, you will have alongside a group of mentors consisting of seasoned Business Analysts and User Experience experts from Tremend. Their role will be to support you and your team in this quest and guide you in completing goals and achieving your main outputs and goals.

Daiana Oprea

Senior Business Analyst

Tremend Software Consulting

Raluca Tudorache

Business Analyst Team Lead

Tremend Software Consulting

Alexandra Lepădatu

Senior Business Analyst

Tremend Software Consulting

Loredana Tulbure

Senior Business Analyst

Tremend Software Consulting

Vlad Chiratcu

UX Engineering Manager

Tremend Software Consulting

Octavian Catană

Senior UX Designer

Tremend Software Consulting

Altieri Constantin Ion

Senior UX Designer

Tremend Software Consulting


Victoria Cupet

Business Analysis Trainer

Coach | Speaker | Author

Victoria Cupet is a certified coach, trainer, consultant, best-selling author, and keynote speaker. She has vast experience in business analysis, process management, and project management. Victoria contributed as co-author for Business Analysis Body of Knowledge® (BABOK® Guide) v3.0, published by the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA), and as a reviewer for the Business Analysis Foundational Standard, created by the Project Management Institute (PMI). In her role as IIBA Regional Director, Victoria was supporting local business analysis communities in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Matt Hopgood

GVP, Strategy and Consulting


A business and creative consultant with over twenty years of digital experience both client-side and with the world’s leading agencies.
I am the business consulting lead in our Financial Services vertical. In FS we have a breadth of expertise and a variety of teams supporting change whether in regulatory or compliance areas, helping re-platform core banking systems, designing new operating models, driving operations process efficiency, or helping organizations deliver change more effectively.


Meet the official partners of the Pixel Hackathon! These are the companies who have accepted our challenge to trigger the change, and submitted the real-life dilemma with a global social impact they want to tackle:

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    Q1: When and where does the hackathon take place?

    Date: 8-9 October 2022
    Location: Tremend’s headquarters located in Bucharest – Address: 165 Splaiul Unirii, Timpuri Noi Square, TN 02 building, 4th floor, district 3 
    Duration: Pixel will start at 9 AM and will include over 24 hours of both working and fun activities. The event will also take place overnight, but if you don’t want to stay, you can easily leave, get a few hours of sleep, and come back in the morning to continue where you left off.

    Q2: Who can participate at the hackathon?

    To participate at this hackathon you must have at least 2 years of experience as a UX Designer, UI Developer, Product Manager, Business Analyst, Product Owner, or anything related to these fields. Also, if you’re passionate about CSR, you want to solve important problems that are affecting our world, plus you want to learn to think strategically, hone your skills, and develop envisioning practice, you can register by clicking on the Register Now button.
    Registrations close on the 2nd of October 2022, at 23:59:59.
    Take note that our team will make a selection among anyone who has registered, and only the participants who meet the requirements will receive an invitation.

    Q3: Is there any COVID restriction?

    We are committed to protecting the people around us, ensuring a safe and clean environment, and taking all the necessary measures for mitigating all potential risks associated with COVID-19 exposure and spreading during the Pixel Hackathon. We are keeping a close eye on how the COVID-related situation is evolving and will continue monitoring it until, during, and after the event. We will take all the necessary actions, with respect to the recommended and imposed protocols for events. We will continue updating this section with the latest safety and hygiene measures imposed during the Pixel Hackathon.

    Q4: Is there any participation fee?

    Anyone can participate in this event for free. However, take note that the spots are limited, and only selected applicants will be enrolled in the event, after a technical validation of the materials they submitted through the registration form on the Pixel Hackathon website.

    Q5: How can I participate at the hackathon?

    It’s easy, you just need to click on the Register Now button and fill out the registration form. When you register, you can either enter the competition with your own team or choose to be assigned to a team.
    If you choose the Already have a team option, you must add the name of your team. Make sure all members of your team know the correct spelling of your team’s name because they’ll have to add it to the form when they register, too.
    In case you choose the Looking for a team option, don’t worry, we’ll create the team for you and let you know about it.

    Q6: How many members can my team have? 

    Each team will include 4 participants.
    Each participant should have a minimum of two years of experience as a Business Analyst, Product Manager, UX Designer, or Product Owner.
    The team will have to be balanced and contain at least one expert from each field.

    Q7: What should my team submit by the end of the event?

    The main goal is to build the vision or the idea of a software product, documented by defining:
    • the problem or opportunity to which your product responds
    • the main capabilities and functionalities of your product
    • the implementation plan
    • the graphic & UX representation proposal of your software product

    Q8: What tools should or can I use during the event?

    Each team can and should use any professional tool they are proficient in, know how to use, and are supporting them in delivering the outputs for the competition. We don’t impose any tool, nor offer free and/or paid licenses for any tool participants might need to use during the event. The mandatory condition is for the deliverables to be accessible for inspection, examination, evaluation, and validation to the mentors, jury members, Tremend staff, and partners.
    All the intellectual & industrial property rights/author rights regarding the projects, plans, and/or materials developed during the EVENT belong to Tremend from the moment of their inception.

    Q9: Is there any theme?

    Yes. There are two themes: Affordable and Clean Energy and Responsible Consumption and Production. Your deliverables must be related to the theme that is going to be assigned to your team.

    Q10: How are the deliverables going to be evaluated?

    Each jury member will validate the concepts during project presentations, and offer points to the participating teams based on a set of criteria.
    During the evaluation the jury will look at:
    • The quality of your deliverables: 40% – which will be evaluated based on the vision you set for the product, the product roadmap, and Nonfunctional Requirements (NFRs)
    • Your ability to proof your deliverables: Meeting requirements, Pitch, and Impact – 60% – from respecting the theme, meeting the requirements, and creating a feasible strategy, to how you are able to “sell” your product and your vision to the jury, through an analytical, clear, persuasive, and creative approach, and of course, the innovation factor or what makes your product unique and effective on the market.

    Q11: What are the prizes?

    Apart from the knowledge and networking opportunities, your team will have the chance to win from the 4600 euro prize pool! There will be three winning teams with three different prizes:
    The first Prize – a travel experience in Romania or abroad worth 3600 EUR per team
    The second Prize – a travel experience in Romania worth 1600 EUR per team
    The third Prize – vouchers worth 800 EUR per team for a unique experience
    The prize can be accessed individually, by dividing the total amount between all four teammates, or it can be used as a shared team experience.

    Q12: What does the PIXEL Hackathon provide?

    Our venue includes everything you need to perform your work and make the most out of your experience, including Wi-Fi, food, beverages, and help from our supervisors and mentors.
    Also, it will be a scheduled group session with all the teams, where several organizational details will be discussed.

    Q13: What should I bring?

    Make sure to have your own laptop, geared up with all the tools you might need to properly work on solving the hackathon’s challenge.